La Réunion (2016)

Eventually I saw a photo of Réunion and since than this trip was on my list. Relatively spontaneously, at the end of Novemeber 2016, I travel to this island in the Indian Ocean – quasi inner-european from Paris to the tropics to St-Denis and the identity card is sufficient to enter. Via rental car, hiking boots and tent I discover this wonderul island and the contemplative life. Especially, the heartland with the three huge basins let my trekking heart beat faster. The weather has high requirements on my rain gear and the thightness of my tent – tropical rainfalls, for hours, yet warm are part of the journey.

In total 13 days, travel guide Iwanowski’s RÈUNION and Rother Wanderführer La Réunion

Conclusion: Simple to travel island full of phantastic nature.

Period: Nov, 27th – Dec, 09th, 2016

Route St-Denis – Cirque de Salazie / campsite at Ilet à Vidot – Trekking tour Foret de Bélouve und Trou de Fer – campsite at Sainte Anne – Trekking tour Anse Des Cascades – Trekking tour Grand Bassin – Trekking tour Cratère Dolomieu – Trekking tour Piton de l’Eau – Travel along southern coast to Cirque de Cilaos – Trekking tour La Bras Rouge – Trekking tour La Chapelle – Trekking tour Col du Taibit – St-Denis


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