Austria (2014) / Lower and High Tauern

Alps Crossing Lower and High Tauern, sections oft the Long Distance Hiking Trail 02: It was the start of almost a half-year sabbatical: Once crossing the Alps, a dream, not from the north to the south, no, from the east to the west. By the tour across the Lower and High Tauern I realized one part of my dream. “Always hiking westerly” I answer, when someone ask me, where I am hiking to. I don’t know in detail how far I want to go. Mostly along the Long Distance Hiking Trail 02 as far as weather and paths allow it. There is everything, sun, rain, snow. In the huts are only few people, relaxed, apart from the main hiking destinations. This provides opportunities for unforgettable evenings and encounters.
In total 32 trekking days, 3 rest days, 2 bivvy, ca. 1000 metres difference in altitude per day, max altitude 3000m, rucksack between 17 and 23 kg, travel guide Freytag & Berndt / ÖAV-Sektion Weitwanderer Österreichischer Weitwanderweg 02 volume II and III.

Conclusion: They are still existing, the Alps, unspoiled and wild, just off the beaten tracks. It was a unique self-experience, to walk myself free, to be into the rhythm of hiking, eating, sleeping, to experience the nature so intensively. To be continued …

Period: Jun, 23rd – Jul, 26th 2014

Route: Trieben im Selzthal (709m) – Edelraute Hut (1706m) – bivvy near Zinkenkogel (1800m) – Gamperalp (1360m) – Planneralp (1588m) – Donnersbachwald (916m) – St. Nikolai im Sölkthal (1127m) – Rudolf Schober Hut (1667m) – Breitlahn Hut (1104m) – Preintaler Hut (1657m) – Golling Hut (1641m) – Keinprecht Hut (1872m) – Obersee Hut (1845m) – Südwiener Hut (1801m) – Franz Fischer Hut (2018m) – Tappenkarsee Hut (1820m) – Osnabrücker Hut (2026m) – descent due to snow and new ascent in Mörtschach (972m) / ascent to Sadnighaus (1880m) – Heiligenblut (1288m) – Salm Hut (2638m) – bivvy near Kals am Großglockner (1490m) – Sudetendeutsche Hut (2656m) – Tauer (1512m) – Venedigerhaus (1689m) – Badener Hut (2608m) – Bonn Matreier Hut (2745m) – Neue Sajat Hut (2600m) – Essener und Rostocker Hut (2207m) – Clara Hut (2036m) – Upper Tauernalp (2018m) – Plauener Hut (2364m) – ascent to Bärenbadalp (1460m)


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