Bhutan (2014) / Snowman Trek

“The hardest trek in the world” in “The Land of Happiness” were promised by the trekking reports and made my heart beat faster. When, if not in my sabbatical. After all almost 5 weeks were needed including arrival and departure. 8 to 10 people are required to realize the trek logistically, so you need some resources. In return, I have never be en route so comfortably: in the morning tea and warm water in served at the tent, food is cooked, the tent is set up and packed. An “all inclusive” trekking holiday, I only had to walk on my own. The paths, technical easy, demand because of long distances, altitude, low temperature, snow, rain and remoteness. Unforseen things happen, the route has to be changed, our horses disappear … I train myself in patience and remaining calm.
The impressions, the experiences, the memories are fantastic: the high mountains simply amazing, the clear starry sky beyond words and even a not ending rainy day opens the fantastic opportunity for meeting locals.
In total 21 trekking days, 3 rest days, ca. 600 metres difference in altitude per day, max altitude 5400m, coldest temperatures ca. -15 degrees, daypack, travel guide Lonely Planet Bhutan.

Conclusion: An outstanding tour in an unspoilt country. It was demanding, yes, and it made happy. Pure Himalaya.

Period: Sep, 15th – Oct, 12th 2014

Route: Paro / Drive to Sharna Zampa – Thangthanka camp (3610m) – Jangothang camp (4080m) – via Nyile La (4870m) to Linghzi camp (4070m) – Chebisa camp (3880m) – via Gogo La (4440m) to Shaksepasa camp (3580m) – via Jhari La (4750m) to Robluthang camp (4160m) – via Sinde La (5005m) to Limithang camp (4140m) – Laya camp (3840m) – Rodhuphu camp (4350m) – via Tsomo La (4900m) to Narethang camp (4900m) – via Gangla Karchung La (5120m) to Tarina camp (3850m) – Woche camp (4150m) – via Keche La (4750m) to Lhedi camp (3700m) – Thanza camp (4100m) – Danji camp (4600m) – via Jaze La (5120m) to Tshochena camp (4970m) – via Loju La (5140m) to Jichu Dramo camp (5050m) – Thongsa Thang camp (4400m) – Thampe Sho camp (4300m) – via Thampe La (4600m) to Maurothang camp (3610m) – ascent and drive to Punaka – Paro (note: La means pass)


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